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Jewish Search Engines

Jewish Search Engines

Maven--Annotated list of more than 6,000 Jewish sites arranged by subject.

Hareshima--Categorized list of Jewish resources arranged in 181 subcategories.

NU?--Created by the Jewish Agency, this Yahoo style directory has short annotations.

Yehud Links--Sites of interest to the traditional Jewish community. collected by the Jewish Agency.

Hebrew Language Portals




Great Starting Sites from Institutions

Shamash--A veteran whose age is showing, but is loaded with lots of Torah related materials.

Yerushalayim.Net--Hosts the home pages of more than 62 tradition institutions and learning sites.

Shema Yisrael Torah Network--A portal and a host for many traditionally minded sites world wide. to increase the amount of Torah related material on the Internet.

Ahavat Israel--Dedicated to the principles of ahavat am Yisrael, ahavat Torat Yisrael, and ahavat Eretz Yisrael.

Go Israel --Large portal of sites about Israel, with an emphasis on news.

Aish Hatorah--Large collection of classes and discussion groups. a large number of full text Judaica works.

Great Starting Sites from Individuals

Harry Leichter's All Things Jewish

Jacob Richman