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Youth Corner

Bar Mitzvah Preparation

Learn the Torah and Haftorah TropYou can actually hear them.

Chanting the Torah and the HaftorahYou can hear the Torah reading and haftorah read out loud and follow it in Hebrew and in transliteration.

Youth Groups

Bnei Akiva

For the Teacher

Akhlah— The Jewish Children's Learning Network

DaatA huge collection of teaching materials in Hebrew, useful for anyone who teaches limudei kodesh.

Arachim – A second collection of teaching materials in Hebrew for limudei kodesh. site was created by the Torah Umesorah educational organization and consists of a free searchable online database of teacher-created learning materials and curricula.

DataJem --Searchable database from the Jewish Agency of educational materials in a number of languages.

Navat Educational Library from Snunit --Searchable database from the Ministry of Education of educational materials in a number of languages.

Fun Learning Activities— created by Canadian Nurit Reshef

Jewish Valuesfinder--Find the Jewish values expressed in Jewish children's books, along with each book's author, title, illustrator, subjects, contents and age level.

Picture Books of Jewish content— Full text books on Pirkei Avot, Bircat Hamazon, and six other topics.

Weekly Parasha Quizzes --Quizzes from the Jewish Bible Association.

Jewish Education and Entertainment --Fun and games created by Jacob Richman.