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Jewish History

Academic Guide to Jewish History -- Major print and Internet resource listing from the University of Toronto.

Dinur Center for Jewish History --Housed at the Hebrew University, this site is an excellent starting point for research on topics in Jewish history.

Jewish History Timeline --Clickable timeline that can be searched by date, person, topic, or keyword.

This Day in Jewish History --Based on the book Day by Day in Jewish History by Rabbi Abraham P. Bloch z''l, this site provides information arranged by both Jewish and secular dates.

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook -- Full text, hypertext link guide to primary sources in Jewish history.

Israel and Zionism --The history of the Zionist movement through a timeline, biographies, maps, a glossary, etc.

Story of Israel in Maps --Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs' site that has graphic comparisons, text descriptions, and unique maps such as those marking sites of terror attacks. 

Ancient Maps of Jerusalem --A collection from 1486 to 1930 housed at the Jewish National and University Library.