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The Country

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs--Official site of the Israeli government with 13,500 pages and 2,600 external links.

National Photo Collection --This site from the Israeli Government Press Office houses a searchable database of more than 500,000 photos assembled for Israel's 50th anniversary.

Central Bureau of Statistics --Massive collection of data about Israel in Hebrew and English.

The Government

Israel Government Portal --This site will lead you to all of the arms of the Israeli government.


Ministry of Religions --Includes many useful directories.

Sherut Yoatz LaEzrach (SHIL)-- Large collection of useful information for anyone living in Israel, arranged by category.


Touring Israel

Go Israel--From the Ministry of Tourism in North America.

Israel's National Parks

Guide to Israel's Museums

Weekend --Israeli tourism portal.


Eye on Israel --Maps of every part of the country.

Emap --Searchable maps of the country down to the street level.

Mapa Encyclopedia of Places in Israel --Part of the extensive Mapa site, some portions of which require payment.

Maps of Israel from the CIA --Detailed maps of all parts of the country from the Perry Castaneda Library Collection at the University of Texas.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Maps -- Created by the Jewish Agency, this site has maps from the eve of World War I to 2003.

Telephone Directories

Bezeq 144 --Look up anyone in the country.

Dapei Zahav -- Yellow page listings for the entire country. 



Israel Airport Authority --English and Hebrew site with information, including flight information, for all of the country's airports.

Egged Buses --Searchable database in Hebrew of schedules and fares throughout the country.

EL AL Israel Airlines 

Israel Railways --Searchable database in Hebrew and English of schedules and fares throughout the country.